A Winters Walk 2017, Kensington gardens, Long Water. Occasional Vlog #45

Occasional Vlog

I've Got It
The next in our ongoing series of slightly more artistic videos. This one is of the part of Kensington Gardens around The Long Water.

I start off exploring the Italian Gardens, which despite the winter weather still manage to put on a show with their fountains.

Next heading down The Long Water we come to the statue of Peter Pan, a statue commissioned, paid for, and surreptitiously placed in the royal park by the author J. M. Barrie. The location is no coincidence, as this is the exact place that Peter Pan first appears in Barrie's book The Little White Bird.

For a park in the center of London, the abundance of wildlife is amazing, and during the walk, we see usual, as well as the unusual. The usual is in the form of squirrels (gray, unfortunately), and the unusual is in the form of parakeets, which although not native, have taken to the London parks like the natives, generations after escaping from Elstree.

Let us know what you think and anywhere you would like to see in future videos.

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