A Canadian from Spain does a VLOG from Tübingen in Germany!


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Hey everyone!!

This is actually my first post in here so I figured I'd post up my latest video with a little bit of background. :)

I'm a video game producer and I'm now a Canadian expat living in Spain, and my channel is kind of a reflection of all that. It's a hobby of mine, and my other hobbies are basically geeky things and travel. So because of that, my channel is kind of an assortment of things. :D Vlogs and unboxings of geeky stuff are the most prominent right now, just because I get a kick out of it.

My most recent Vlog was from a little trip we took to Germany, through Stuttgart to Tübingen and I loved it! Especially all the delicious food and beer.

Would love it if you checked it out and give the channel a sub if you like it. :D

So beautiful! Always wanted to go! Great vlog man! Keep going! :D

Thanks very much Branden!! Yeah it was gorgeous there, I'll love to loop back to the same area after knocking off a few different places on my list! Btw, I love that you commented on a video but I can't for the life of me figure out where it went... really sorry if it's not showing up, I'll try to figure it out!
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