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For anyone investing in rental properties, these five real estate investing strategies are your key to making millions of dollars. By focusing on the things that matter most, and appropriately addressing risk factors, you can ensure yourself a passive income that lasts. This brings me to the first strategy, which is that slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Find the right deals, and find the right team. Real estate is going to be a safe investment as long as you do your homework. The risky side of things is the people. You need good contractors and property managers. You also need to master one asset class before moving on to others. The second of the real estate investing strategies is to leverage to grow, and pay off to sustain. One of the advantages of investing in rental properties is that it gives you significant leverage, which you can use to build up income streams. Get your income going first, then pay off your debts. Third, delegate rather than abdicate. You should manage your contractors and property managers the same way you manage your properties. As I mentioned, your team is going to be your biggest risk. Likewise, eliminate single points of failure. If you only have one property manager for a market, that leaves you vulnerable to something happening to them. And last, keep in mind that you’re always winning, or you're learning. These real estate investing strategies are meant to save you time and money. Follow these tips and you can start confidently investing in rental properties today.