Gaming 12K+ YouTuber - Looking For Partners To Collaborate With!


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Hey, whats up guys! It's your boy Rexor here, and today I am looking for a bunch of people interested in collaborations with gaming, I play Rocket League, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, CS:GO.

channel: youtube,com/c/rexor5
discord username: Rexor#4079
discord server: discord,gg/T7tjWEz

I'm interested in finding a BUNCH of people to help me record on my videos, as I am running low on friends that want to record with me playing games.

- Be the age of 15+
- Having at least 100 or more active subscribers on YouTube.
- Not get mad over loses, as in losing a game, to be calm. etc.
- For my video, we will play til we get very good footage, as in a few wins, or a few pretty good games.
- Not be a squeaker, or have a very high pitched voice.
- Be professional on video.

Hopefully I get a few people interested! Contact me on discord, my discord is above, following my discord channel and other ways to contact me.

Thanks for reading!
~~~~ Rexor ~~~~
Hey I would be very interested in this opportunity. I never take anything seriously in losses or anything like that. You can see in my channel if you like. Haha im almost at 100 subs. But i just started posting last week. Let me know. :)[DOUBLEPOST=1503558572,1503558416][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry my YouTube channel is A Salty Guy. Check it out and let me know if I would be a good fit for your channel :)
Hello there. I'd be interested in collaborating with you, and I think I fit most if not all of the criteria. Let me know if you'll have me. Thanks!