Oh snaps. I... have no idea what you do.. are you sure the game is ok to play? I know nothing of these things.
Well that's definitely a troll. It's too obvious since the username does not have anything to do with the company that owns the game. Even then, large companies who own these games would never ask for money, they'd just remove the video right away. Since you already filed a counter-claim, then you just gotta wait for Google's response. Nothing else you can really do about it, although that first picture may have been good evidence if you did not already submit it.
Yes, the game is ok to play 'cause it's from Namco Bandai.. Played tons of Naruto games and even Namco Bandai representative contacted me when there's an event from Namco about their games. They will not do that... I've searched the channel and I can't see that adveg123 channel at all :(
I didn't find it either! Man I wish youtube was easier to reach for things like this...
Don't worry about it. There are bigger repercussions for filing false claims on videos. Dispute the claim and everything will be fine. If the person knows what is good for him he will let it go at the risk of running into legal issues with Namco Bandai.

That person most likely has nothing to do with Bandai to begin with, so if you dispute the false claim nothing will happen to you.

When it asks you why, explain that you believe the user is not the owner of that intellectual property.