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100 Subscribers! WHO ARE YOU PPL :D


YTtalk Mad
So I know this may not seem like a lot to some people, but as we know it is pretty difficult to grow on Youtube these days. Given that, I actually a couple of days ago just hit 100 subscribers on my channel. My original goal was to hit this by april and it was matched which has given new drive! Next one is 200 by april which I know I can do.

I also wanted to say thanks to anyone from YT talk that has supported me as we all continue to grow and match our goals on this platform. Here's looking up.

Hope everyone is having a nice day!!
It is not small milestone, it is really incredible. Hopefully you will reach 200 subs very soon. Keep up the good work and all the best :)

Thanks a lot man....yeah just looking up from here on out. Cheers :)[DOUBLEPOST=1457312548,1457312481][/DOUBLEPOST]
The first 100 is always hard to get! Congrats
Yeah thats what a lot of people say....hopefully get that 1000 some time soon. Thanks a lot...its truly humbling. :)
Yessss, fantastic milestone!! Once you start mingling with this awesome YTTalk community, good things just seem to happen. All the support!! Here's to the next goal!! :D
I hate to sound like a broken record, but 100 is by far the hardest. At least that's been my opinion so far.
Congratulations. I hope you hit that 200 goal
If you get more and more subscribers the view count on the single videos will rise more and more which is great, congratulations on milestone 100 and good luck for the future :)