Meet Up/Gathering ⏩ Online Youtuber Meet Up!! ⏩ June 30, 2021


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Come join and be part of our monthly face-to-face online Youtuber Meetup on June 30, 2021.
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During any particular month, 15 - 20 Youtubers and filmmakers join in from all around the world. We are mainly Massachusetts based with a lot of people also joining from Ontario, California, and a few from Europe and the UK.

The group follows 4 main pillars. The pillars are:

  1. 1617331555854.png
    Accountability - Pushing each other forward
    We set goals and check in with each other every month to make sure we are meeting our personal
    YouTube goals. The idea is that with a group of people holding us accountable we push harder to meet our goals and grow our channel. If you procrastinate a lot, this is for you!
    1. Currently, my goal is to create a new video every week.
    2. Others have set subscriber milestone goals
    3. Others have set goals to implement what we learned in the education section of the meetup (see below).
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    Education - Learning from each other
    We have a mini lecture and round table about a topic to teach and learn from one another. This month's topic is "How to work with Brand".
    We have covered topics like :
    • Hacking the YouTube Algorithm
    • Creating Interesting Titles
    • Designing impactful thumbnails
    • Harnessing the power of your Analytics and
    • Optimizing your video process with Workflows and Checklists
  3. 1617331566071.png
    - Giving each other feedback to help us grow
    As YouTube Creators, we often are looking for useful feedback so we can improve our content. In this section, we share short 5 min clips to get valuable feedback from other Youtubers. Vloggers, Review channels, Sketch Comedy. We all make different content but still give valuable input for ways to improve.
    We are not a "sub for sub" OR "comment for comment" group. This pillar is about getting feedback.
  4. 1617331572553.png
    - Working together and succeeding together
    If you need help with some motion graphics, help generating ideas, a voice actor for your next skit, or a video crew, let the group know! (please social distance and be safe)
    Below are two YT collab projects we've created in the past. Hope there will be much more soon

Are you interested in joining our Monthly Online Youtube Meetup? Reply to this post to get more info!

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I will PM you all the information :D
Are there any topics that you would be interested in learning about? I'm slowly running out of ideas of stuff I can teach. Nothing is to basic, and if something is too advance i will do my best to learn it or get someone who knows the topic.

Also, is there any topic you would be interesting in teaching regarding anything related to online video
Overall I'm interested in how people determine what part of their content is the most valuable. By that, I mean how they shorten their videos to the minimum required content while still getting the full impact. Personally, my videos tend to be long, and I think that if I could condense them a bit it might make them more clickable.

I'm also interested in how other review channels get their items to review, if they have established relationships with manufactures to get sample product and things like that. I'm also interested in the creative process for other people. How do they find out what kind of video do they want to make? Why do they do it? Things like that.

I also think it would just be fun to talk with other content creators, especially local ones (I'm from MA too)!

As far as things I can teach, I wouldn't be so bold as to say that I think I do anything well enough to teach a group on it. If someone has a particular question about how I do something, or if the group thinks I do something particularly well, I'm more than willing to share my information! However, I don't think I am in the position to tell people "this is the right way" regarding YouTube.
I'm also interested in how other review channels get their items to review, if they have established relationships with manufactures to get sample product and things like that.

wow I haven't considered that to be one of the topics, but it's a very interesting one that I'm sure will also help out other review channels. I'll poke around and see who I can find, or what info I may be able to share

We meet the last Wednesday of every month. Normally it's from 6:30pm to 7:30pm ET. I PM'd you the info. See you there!

We shift the date around if there's a holiday that day, but there doesn't seem to be a federal holiday that falls on a Wednesday in 2021.
I joined the group, looks like there are no events on schedule. Is someone going to post the info for the January meeting soon?
Yes, I'm going to share it out on this Wednesday. I try to post it only a week early. My idea is that it will give people less time to forget about the event. When I sent events out earlier than a week I would get a lot of people replying but very few people actually showing up.

I was thinking about doing a session on idea generation. O_O which hopefully hearing other people's idea generation method will help me and sharing my idea generation method will help others.