youtubers from michigan

  1. soam

    Vlog Any YouTubers here from chicago, up for collab ?

    Hi, I will be in Chicago for 4 days in October 2nd week. Just in case anyone from tech or vlogging or photography/filmmaking or road tripping or super bikes background wants to hang out and collab, lets do it. Just in case anyone wants to see the channel and my content before deciding about...
  2. H3O mantra

    Meet Up/Gathering Planning a meetup for all Michigan YouTubers.

    Hey guys, my name is Akshita. I wanted to see if YouTuber's from Michigan would be interested in meeting up. Im new to YouTube and thought it would be great if we could all meet and discuss ideas, tips, collabs or just make you new Youtube friends. I live in Ann Arbor but we could pick a place...