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  1. Sk Jony

    Youtube Comments For better channel Activity

    After few days, I read my channel statistics and realize that, youtube comments most important fo channel activity. When I got any comments on my video or Channel discuss tab. My channel activity grow rapidly Like as it's earnings. But I have little bit doubt. What about say Experts?
  2. AlmightySTAR

    YouTube Live Stream

    Does anyone use the YouTube Live Stream for their gaming? Or do you guy's prefer to live stream on Twitch?
  3. MrDooney

    Gaming New Community Skype Group For Collaborating (Soon to be YT channel)

    Hey there :) me and my friend Knifeosaurous have started a Skype group chat community for YouTubers. We are basically made up of gamers, but any kind of youtubers are allowed. We are the DankestScrubs. To join the group chat add dooney_almighty and request an invite on SKYPE You can find new...