youtube changes

  1. FamilyToyReview

    Anyone else in the Kids or Toys space having a really bad year?

    My views have been going down all year. Maybe down 90%. Feels like youtube is killing my channel. Was planning on doing more creative content but not sure if thats what youtube wants anymore with all these COPPA issues. Can't tell if its my channel or just youtube making some big changes for...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    New Creator YouTube Studio Features Announced - Impressions, Impression CTR, Unique Views & MORE

    New Creator YouTube Studio Features Announced — Impressions, CTR, Unique Viewers & More // YouTube has announced that they will be updating the YouTube Creator studio beta aka YouTube Studio and making it the default for all YouTubers shortly. This will include a new look and 3 new...
  3. The Happy Gamer

    Where YouTube Will Be In 5 Years

    I have a theory about where YouTube will be in 5 years. I've disabled monetization for this video in the hopes of reaching more. Hopefully it informs and encourages you! Good luck out there!
  4. The Happy Gamer

    THE UNSUB GLITCH | Happy Hour

    Unboxing a Loot Gaming and talking about changes to YouTube in today's Happy Hour! I would love to know what you think about what is going on with YouTube!