1. SZXDuncan

    Youtube - Variety based on history?

    I've been lurking about on Youtube quite a bit recently just to put on some white noise so that I could burn through the day finishing up my studies and I can't help but to struggle to find more videos to watch. Sometimes I wish that Youtube was like TV where you could just turn on the TV and do...
  2. Storm City Gaming

    Are 4 games too wide of a variety for 1 channel?

    I was planning to post videos of Call of Duty, NBA 2k, Madden and Minecraft but is that too many games for one channel? Should I make separate channels?
  3. ZaxTheNoob

    Everything Going Downhill...

    Hi. My name is Zax and I run the channel called ZaxTheNoob | Just a Name. I stopped uploading youtube for 3 week recently due to my computer being spoiled. However, when I came back, with schedule and everything, it seems like my channel has been going downhill instead of improving. I would...