1. Javaughn - Ditto

    Services Is anyone interested in voice translating their videos in other languages? $25 amazon gift card for 30 minute call

    My company Ditto helps Youtubers to dub their videos into other languages to grow their views, subscribers, and revenue. We have worked with two large channels to dub their videos into other languages: Billion Surprise Toys (25m subs) and Little Angel (10m subs). We are looking to speak with...
  2. Yachts For Sale

    Russian Language Videos; What is the best strategy?

    I am in the process of getting some of my more popular videos translated into Russian. They shall have captions, but also the title, description, and tags shall all be in Russian. I'm totally undecided whether to add these videos to my existing channel or to create a new channel exclusively for...
  3. B

    Music Looking for an experienced Japanese translator

    Hi, I have a YouTube channel that translates music videos from various languages (e.g. Hangul, Japanese etc.,) into English as the last translator had to leave due to other commitments. I am looking for someone who can translate a song on release day so that I can post it on my channel. Let me...
  4. TheMatrixWarrior

    Services 1$ intros and translations!

    I can make 3d intros with sync music and/or translate videos from english to greek, for 1$. If you have a channel with 1k+ subscribers i will do it for free , as long as you agree to mention my channel in te description! Delivery time may vary up to a week. Your video will be uploaded on my...
  5. KiddieToysReview

    What are the top 10 language spoken by your audience?

    So I was thinking over the weekend, what can I do to maximize traffic natively on YT? I was surprised to learn that only 45.1% of traffic is to English speakers. I thought it would have been closer to 80%. The other top 9 languages makes up 40.3%. Those language represent an untapped...
  6. Lightsen

    Extra tips and things for your channel you may have missed!

    So you've followed the advice and techniques you could find on the site? - nice one! This thread is for all the little extras that you may have missed that could also benefit your channel. 1) Your G+ page. - you may not be interested in using G+ at all, but for a few people, when highlighting...