1. FraYoshi

    How to YouTube Captions by Others

    Do You Wanna Translate a video for a YouTuber you are subscribed or wanna let a friend to translate yours? In this video....... how to do it! (in my, not so perfect, english :angelic2: ) Hope this helps!!!! :rolleyes: .: FraYoshi :.
  2. Travi5

    Heartbeat | Google Chrome App for YouTube

    If you have not already heard of this app for the chrome browser I'd highly recommend giving it a go. It is a really cool addition allowing a few new features to be accessible on YouTube, My Favorite being able to see Tags used on any video which could help with Search listings SEO ect to help...
  3. NWBroadcasting

    Proper tagging & General advice

    Hi! I don't think I'm tagging correctly. I go in-depth but not crazy on tagging because I don't want to my main source of traffic to be from something totally unrelated (low retention from that kind of traffic). I try different thumbnails and titles but stay consistent with my branding...
  4. BFRentertainment

    Challenges we should do??

    Hello, we are BFR Entertainment also known as Break From Reality Entertainment. Our goal is to show everyone that there is more than just sitting at home doing nothing and being bored. You can be doing other things outside your house or have fun with group of friends . We started a channel less...
  5. Y0lo

    Questions about eye-catching titles..

    Hello everyone, Just wondering: I read on a book by some decent YouTube consultant that in order to get views and consequently subscribers, I need to craft very interesting, eye-catching titles. What I don't understand is, I don't think that people are going to type exactly the title that...
  6. WilBajamas

    Do you need to SEO your tags?

    Hey guys, just a quick question... We all know tags are very important for a Youtube video. But is SEO'ing tags necessary? Hoping for some comments and feedbacks. Thanks for reading...
  7. GooberVlogs

    How Many Tags Do You Guys Use???

    Wazzzzz up =) Just wondering when you all upload videos to youtube how many tags do you add? I add as many as i can think of but i ALWAYS make sure it's related to the video. How many tags can you add anyways? Is there a limit? Also I understand the description is important for SEO but if...