1. mikeliveslife

    I have a question about a Title.

    What's up guys. I just made a video to which I figured out what I think is a good title, but then thought about it for a second and figured that the title is intringuing and clickable but not searchable. And my question is at a beginners point is it better to have a title that is searchable or...
  2. D

    Tags? Where do you get them from?

    Hi There, Where do you guys go to get YouTube tags? I have been making tags up myself as well as using a 'rapidtags' website. However, when I use rapitags the site generates tags that are "too long". Why? Its weird. I wind up generating the tags, then deleting the ones that are too long. How...
  3. KTP

    Is updating any meta data/thumbnails on old videos worthwhile?

    If this has been asked and answered already, I apologize. But does it make sense to update meta-data (title, description, keywords etc) or thumbnail on an old video? Or not so much? I know our channel is too small and in the early stages for it to help, but this is more of a general question...
  4. AshtheMonster

    100 subs!

    I got past 100 subscribers and am 6 away from 150! I know in the scheme of things it is a small milestone, but I am extremely proud of it regardless. Especially since I don't have exceptionally high views, which means that a lot of the people who see my videos subscribe or are subscribed. Which...
  5. The Unwanted Letter

    Shooting raw on t3i majority of the time worth it?

    I want to try shooting raw on my canon t3i, but i wanted to know is shooting raw for all of my short films worth it, i know i need a lot of storage, and fast sd cards and lets say i have these and just want to shoot and render 1080p is this worth it or i should stick to jpeg?? thanks
  6. The Unwanted Letter

    Character dialogue with a mask?

    So i have a character in my film that...well doesn't wear a mask but duct tape, and i want him to speak dialogue, i thought at first it would be weird and unnatural yet Spiderman, Deadpool, and all these characters wear mask and talk through them and it seems so natural i mean yes granted...
  7. SupWithT

    Anyone got any good tips on Video Tags?

    I'm about to upload my first Youtube Video for this channel. I really need advice on tags honestly. I want my video to have publicity but it would be nice to know anyway to publicize it. My first video is an unwrapping/unboxing of a game I purchased. If anyone has any good advice on tags it...
  8. Keg Man

    Can i improve on my SEO?

    So lets say for example ive completed a Crusader Kings 2 Video, Ive made a thumbnail, Ive finished off a description, got a decent title and sorted out my end cards. My SEO game i feel could use some improvement. Lets say my title for my video is 'Keg Man Plays: Crusader Kings 2 Modded E1'. For...
  9. B

    Best vlog tags?

    Any tips or insight on the best tags to add to vlog style videos? Using tube buddy and found a few, just want to see everyones input =]
  10. Quick Question

    Am I using tags right?

    I've been keeping tabs on my keyword tags and where they rank in their search. Every keyword I try to get ranked and by doing so I have made my keywords pretty long. Short keywords never rank and so I tend to stray away using them, however, I heard they are still useful. Should I be using...
  11. KizKaz

    Editing really does take hours!!

    Hello everyone! We've recently just made a YouTube channel and I can safely say editing takes so, so long! As we put a lot of time and effort into our videos (as does everyone else) we are hoping to post 1 video every week. Being newbie YouTubers, we would really appreciate if you could head...
  12. BrinoVlogs

    Meet Up/Gathering Canada, Ontario??

    How many youtubers are in Canada, Ontario Toronto????
  13. Tactical Gavin

    YouTube Tags

    Hi, I've noticed YouTube tags play a critical role in posting a video. From what I understand is that they must be unique and a select group that revolve around your content? However, if they aren't unique enough they will get burried along with other videos? Does anyone else have any...
  14. AllVisuals4U

    Are the first 5 tags more important than tag 10-15?

    I wondered if the first tags on a video are more important than the later ones. Is this true or does this just make a small (or no) difference?
  15. adams eats

    A question about tags...

    I'm getting a bit confused with tags. Going through some of my older videos and just seeing how they rank, some rank highly for highly searched terms, yet don't get the views. For instance I rank number 6 for the word 'salad' which is highly competetive, I also rank 4th for 'steak sandwich'...
  16. The NotARubicon!

    How long for new tags to take effect?

    I've just recently gone through and updated/added tags on several of my videos so now I'm curious if anyone knows how long before the changes to the tags will take effect/reflect any changes in views. When answering please include your source; ie; testing you've done, published information...
  17. Phil @ TubeBuddy

    Advertisement What is TubeBuddy and how can it help me on YouTube?

    Hey Gang, Phil from TubeBuddy here. You're probably seen our banners around the site before. We've spent the last 6 months building a really amazing tool for YouTubers that will save you time, get your videos discovered, help you connect with your audience and build your brand on YouTube. It's...
  18. B

    Tags/opinions on videos?

    Hey guysssssss Just wanna get you guys opinions on my videos and ask if anyone has ideas for tags on them. I really struggle with choosing accurate + unique tags.... SUGGESTIONS AND OPINIONS!!!! :) MY CHANNEL: Ben Barnett Vlogs Thankssssssss (also tips on my editing work?)
  19. javacentral

    Is it just me or has there been a change with Tubebuddy rankings?

    So I took a little 2 week break over christmas and when I got back, I tried to use my title as a tag (which I check to make sure it doesn't have too much competition and it's well searched) and it never ranked. Nor did any hardly any of my other tags. I use keywords in the description to help...

    Frustrated with Getting Videos Ranked...

    Is anyone else frustrated with getting their videos ranked in searches? I swear I spend so much time trying to make the best titles, tags, and descriptions to allow my videos to be found and it's still difficult to get ranked high. Very discouraging when you're trying to make the best stuff you...
  21. VanillaKimchi

    Do tags even work?

    Is it worth putting tags? I feel like with the millions of videos out there, getting your channel or videos to even be searchable requires posting them around outside of YouTube. I've recently experimented with a cat video seeing as those tend to always get views. Used tags such as "cat" "box"...
  22. UndergroundSeries

    SEO Tactic Tools

    Does anyone know if threre are programs for free for keyword optimazation ?
  23. JanPlays_

    How to grow my channel?

    Hello everyone, I have a small channel (phaze) with 6 subs, I put a lot of tags in videos, i make 1080p videos, i bought access to the videos & channels part of the forum, i post my videos there every day but get only 5-10 views... so if anyone knows how to get more views and subscribers, please...
  24. UnicycleFight

    How much does it help using super specific tags that rank really high?

    So if you use a very specific long winded tag and it's ranked #1 does it really help you if its THAT specific? What are the chances of someone finding it? Does it give you some kind of bump for having high rankings in general?
  25. bonapplethi

    How many tags do you...tag?

    Haha comment and discuss! Just curious I honestly really don't tag.. because I'm a lazy bum so I go real simple like # youtube title and then my username.. ( <__<)
  26. JanPlays_

    Any tips on how to get more subs?

    I am a small channel (8 subs) and im wondering if anyone has some tips on how to get more subs? Thank you!
  27. O

    Subscribe To Tags feature

    What if YouTube had a feature that would let you subscribe to Tags? Example would be if you liked the Video Game Mine Craft but you wanted to see Walkthroughs or Lets Plays. You could subscribe to hashtags #MineCraft and #LetsPlay Then you would be notified anytime a video was uploaded that had...
  28. pioneer1

    Adding Tags Of Other Popular Niche Channel Names To Your Videos

    Hi all, I was watching a video now and I saw that the channel used all the most popular related channel names as tags. Is that not again Youtube TOS? This is ridiculous because it is not related to the video at all. Just all the most popular YouTube channel names. Have a look at the attached...
  29. D

    Tips on choosing the right tags?

    Okay so i'm sure like many others out there, struggle finding the correct tags for my videos, for most of my videos I've sat there and pondered whether it's the best tags I can muster. With that being said, does anyone have any tips or guidelines to help come up with some good tags?
  30. Rae Talks

    Advice on Choosing Tags?

    I take a break from YouTube, and since I've started back uploading consistently I've noticed that my videos don't get many organic views. It seems like the only views I get are directly from my small social media following on other platforms. I think I need to improve my tags and I'm not sure...