successful on youtube

  1. Pedroseph

    Why Do YouTube and How To Be Successful.

    There are a lot of people out there from all over the world that want to start a YouTube channel. From my experience it seems that a proportion of these people that WANT to start a YouTube channel, don't. This is simply because they face confidence issues or are worried that others will...
  2. FunWithTheBugs

    If YouTube Shutdown Today Would You Tell People You Had a Successful Channel?

    If your channel was shutdown today would you say you had a successful YouTube channel. What would you base it on to measure it as successful. If not, where would you need to be the day it stopped for you to consider it successful.
  3. Toast Gaming

    At What Point Did You Or At Would Point Would You Consider Your Channel Successful?

    How do you measure the success of your channel? At what point did you consider your channel successful (be it subscribers, watch time, views, etc...) or at what would you need to hit in order for you to feel that your channel is successful? By what metric do you measure yourself and your...