starting up

  1. D

    How to start a successful, consistent YouTube channel.

    I need some ideas on how to get a successful channel going, plus ideas for free software I could use to get me going. I mainly do games on Xbox, but I can only record 5 minutes with Game DVR. Help!
  2. Elllisaurus

    Freedom network contract suddenly in my Google Docs

    Alright, I do not have an active youtube channel yet, to start it off. I am writing some ideas down and stuff, and reading up on how to market my youtube channel well, which is also why I joined this forum. Today I was checking my Google Docs, and there suddenly appeared a contract from Freedom...
  3. EkkyKupiKupi

    Hardrock Cafe Merchendise as decoration for mini studio

    Hello fellow youtubers, im setting up this mini studio for vlogging, My set up are as such however im not so sure whether i can include the hard rock cafe deco on my background (the one in the frame), will i get any copyright claims and can i still monitize my videos? Or it should be no...