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  1. J

    Sponsored ad in a video - approval

    Hello all, I want to sponsor a short under 30 second plug at the beginning of my video directing my audience to a link with a promo code. I work in an industry that requires certain self-defense safety measures to be taken, and I have a product that is perfect for the job. It's a non-lethal...
  2. Scandinavian Freckles

    They scam small youtubers!

    Hi everyone, So I was approached to shout this company out and I found out so many other "smaller" youtubers have before me BUT !!! It's all a scam! Don't fall for this, check out my new video and you will see what I mean !!
  3. T

    How do you approach companies to do product reviews as a small channel?

    I imagine it's quite difficult as a new channel to approach big companies to do reviews of their product, as you have very little benefit to receiving one of their products to advertise. Do you have any success with smaller companies, though? Or any company in general? I'd love to hear what you...