so excited

  1. scrambeld eggz

    So happy hit 30 subs

    So happy didn't think i wound get eavn 5 subs but 30 thats great i think thanks for the support :)
  2. scrambeld eggz

    20 subs in 4 days

    So happy didnt think i cound get 10 but 20 wow thats grate in my eyes
  3. Rehannah

    I have a small channel but who cares!

    I recently got 80+ subscribers and I have 3,133 total views This is really exciting because I have been stuck on 75 for a while. :woohoo!: :bounce: :biggrin: :singing2: :happy2: :wavespin: :) :smileyphones: :x3blush: :coolshades: :smilingcute: :winky: :happy4: :smile22: :hehe...
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