1. 3kidstv

    Water Park! Having Fun time in pool and water slides / Legoland Water Park Video

    Thanks for watching, subscribe and like! Thanks For kids, there is little more exciting and fun than spending a summer afternoon at a water park. With the scorching heat of the summer blazing down all around, it is only natural for the young ones to seek out any activity that keeps them cool...
  2. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Gumball Surprise" - Episode #4

    Ayden loved watching gumball videos so much so I decided to design and create his very own gumball machine. Ayden had so much fun doing all the voice overs for his colors. Honestly I wish I filmed him the first time he say his very own gumball surprise video. It truly was priceless. Please help...
  3. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Baseball Blast" - Episode #1

    Just wanted to share our first episode. Ayden goes on a baseball adventure at the park and hits a home run!
  4. Ayden TravelsandToys

    WONDERFUL CUTE Kids Indoor Playground

    Hi. Small time channel here. Spent a ton of time making our videos. Come watch our cute little 2.5 year-old discover cool new places and try new things. Would mean the world to us if you check out our channel and subscribe. Maybe even watch a video and like? Pretty please? Lol. Thanks a bunch in...