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  1. G

    Restarting a channel at 9.8k...?

    Hi, So I have a channel with 9.8k that I posted 1 video on (Music video mashup/concept) and this gained 1.6 million views, and gained me 9800 subscribers. I posted this just over a year ago Since then I have only posted 1 video which I then deleted I am wanting to start travel videos, vlogs...
  2. TheAustrianGuys

    My BEST OF video! What do you think?

    Hey everybody :) So I recently resurrected my YouTube channel and came back to YTtalk because I just love this community! I thought it would be a cool way to restart my channel by not only posting a new video out of nowhere but actually cutting together my favourite parts of all of my videos so...
  3. TheAustrianGuys

    BEST OF ... so far (Feedback is appreciated!)

    Hey there, I'm TeaRoller and I decided to revive my channel! For that I made a compilation of my favourite moments from the past years I was producing content. I hope you enjoy this video and would love to hear your feedback on it either here in the forums or over at YouTube. Thanks for...