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  1. javacentral

    Can coffee kill you?

    So I made this neat little fella a couple days ago and learned a bunch doing it. What do you all think of it? I love making learning videos but if you think I need to tweek or make some big changes to things, I'm all ears! Oh and hey, I can check out your latest video too if you want. I'm...
  2. javacentral

    Tried out me a little Coffee Beer the other day

    It was pretty tasty as a matter of fact! But hey if you want to let me know what ya think about it, that would be dope! I could look over your latest video to just because you gave me a bit of your time.
  3. AmeGaming

    Firewatch & Feedback

    My newest episode of my Firewatch series is up. I'd really appreciate some feedback on it, and on the overall series in general, because without feedback we can't grow and try to become better. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, and really all feedback is appreciated, even if you hate...
  4. javacentral

    Not gonna lie, I had some serious fun with this video

    So I made this video about random sauces, including spicy siracha mustard, put in coffee and trying it as a creamer. It was pretty stinkin fun to make and moreso to edit! Let me know what you think of it and if there is any changes that may need to be done. I appreciate any tips or ideas!
  5. javacentral

    Latest collab with yttalker CristyTango! Doing a little Fact or Crap!

  6. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Italy

    I thought this would be a super neat series to do, discovering coffee from different places around the world! I worked pretty darn hard on this one so let me know what you think!
  7. javacentral

    First collab ever, ft. Promice. Coffee talk!

  8. javacentral

    Review my latest video and I'll review yours!

    Made a wonderful cup of iced coffee with some interesting things mixed in. Will check out your latest video and tell you how it is as well!
  9. javacentral

    Created some form of french press equivalent to espresso!

  10. Per D

    Please review my channel!

    Hey, thank you all powerful analyzers of this forum for reading this! I just started posting vids today so for those of you in the present there isn't a whole lot to review. So feel free to check it later on in this week if you need a larger sample size. Thanks again! - Derek
  11. javacentral

    Made some changes and was hoping for some feedback!

    So I took some advice from you all and others and applied it to my latest video on Vietnamese coffee. Added some music, changed some angles around, and added a outtro(?) and I'm overall pretty happy with it! Let me know if there is anything I'm either missing or did wrong here! Want to make sure...
  12. 30SecondTweet

    Review or Feedback appreciated on my new 30 sec. Video

    Hello guys, I've got new a project. I upload a short film every week (30 Seconds Long) If you guys could take a few minutes and watch my newest video, write a review of leave feedback maybe. That would be amazing.
  13. javacentral

    Made some Vietnamese coffee and some big changes! Let me know what you think

  14. javacentral

    Would love some feedback on my channel or videos, will return favor!

    I'm hoping my channel is going in the right direction but would love some one on one feedback. Will give you some feedback on your content as well if you want!