ranking youtube video in search

  1. E

    Does the yoube algorythm consider the quality (720, 1080 hd) of your videos?

    Hi I think a 720 quality is good enough for my video tutorials, and I can save pretty much time rendering and uploading videos as I produce a lot of content. But I don't want to be affected in a silly way loosing video ranking jus because of the video quality. Does the quality matters in terms...
  2. mitchappleshow

    Keywords / Video Tags - What should I do? (Demographic = 2 - 5 year olds)

    We are about to launch our YouTube channel (about 10 videos done and ready to post). Our demographic will click on any thumbnail (if it is appealing) regardless of what keyword is searched for (by their parents). My question is... Should I appeal to the masses with popular/competitive keywords...
  3. B

    Using only keywords which are googled X amount of times / month?

    I heard that when doing keywords you should first check in google keyword planner if the specific keyword has a substantial search volume - meaning if it's searched enough times per month to be prudent to use it - and than not use it if it's not searched X amount of times per month. Now...
  4. SmokeySpace

    Should I Monetize My Videos? Goods/Bads?

    I don't really like the idea of ads on my videos because they won't really help me and are just annoying to the viewers, although I heard they help you get ranked and recommended, so I'm not sure if I should or not what do you guys think?
  5. UnicycleFight

    How much does it help using super specific tags that rank really high?

    So if you use a very specific long winded tag and it's ranked #1 does it really help you if its THAT specific? What are the chances of someone finding it? Does it give you some kind of bump for having high rankings in general?
  6. EngiNerd

    changing YouTube video category any negative effects?

    Most of my videos are tutorials but I believe it is not so easy to create a relationship with your viewers with educational slide show presentations if you don´t show your face on video once in a while. What do you think? will changing video category i.e from education to entertainment once in...
  7. hcetiny

    Useful infographic explaning the YouTube ranking factors

    Here is an infographic explaning the YouTube ranking factors. I have found it on the German blog from Simon Rueger and thought that it may be interesting for you. The original content is in German, so I edited it with MS Paint. Please forgive the poor editing quality, but it was quickly done...
  8. instagamrr

    Youtube promoted my video - a year later!

    This should be an inspirational post to inspire you to create the best content you can because even if it doesn't take off right away, it may take off eventually! Here's my story (images at the bottom). Earlier this year in January I produced what I thought was an awesome video. I captured...