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  1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make A Video Private on YouTube 2019 - Hide A YouTube Video

    How To Make A YouTube Video Private After Uploading 2019 - Looking to hide your video? Make a public video private so no one can see it? // In this YouTube tutorial I will teach you how to make your YouTube videos private. This is to hide old videos or remove videos that you feel are no longer...
  2. JayManOurMusicBox

    Can I monetize private or unlisted videos?

    Can I monetize private or unlisted videos? Just want to check if anyone knows?
  3. BeautyLifeGeek

    Hot Topic Youtube Red: A New YouTube Monthly Subscription Service?

    I received an article last night about a new YouTube feature coming up soon (well, technically just an idea) of a monthly subscription service to watch videos ad-free. Article: In my opinion; I look at...