original music

  1. J

    Check out "Justajoo Tere Ishq Ki" (Original Composition)(New song 2022)

  2. M

    Music Save My Soul (original music and original music video)

    Any musicians interested in collaborating to make music that'd be along these lines? Both covers and originals are up for options. Both the music and the video have been done by me. Looking forward to some replies!
  3. The3rdFace

    Music Producer / Sound-Engineer for Long Time Collab

    Hey guys The next 2 years will be a LOT of work for me, but I also have a lot of material! My main problem to release music at the moment is solely the mixing and mastering. While basic mastering can be handled by plug-ins, the mixing should be hand-made. I'm looking for a passionate Sound-Tech...
  4. AMoBroBro

    How do I grow my music channel?

    Been having a channel for 3 years and now im really ready for the next step. I just don't know where to start and how to get the subscribers rolling in to hear original music...
  5. MLcharted

    Original Songs Written By Me

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share this two songs that I wrote and recorded. One is finished. The other is unfinished but I wanted feedback on it as well. The lyrics and singing is by me. The instrumentals are by another Youtuber (I asked for permission before using them)