1. J

    Gaming I got a Nioh 1 Boss Fight Between myself and Lord Muneshige

    I fought lord muneshige in Nioh 1. If you guys ever want to game together, contact me at jmiseter424 on Instagram.
  2. lmr3986

    Gaming Nioh / Nioh 2 gamers - Anyone here?

    Hey guys! wondering if there are any fellow yokai hunters around.
  3. MechaJake

    THE VILLAGE OF PAIN! | Nioh - Beta Demo 2.0 | #5

    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new episode of my Nioh Beta playthrough! I would appreciate if you could check it out when you have the time and comment down below to let me know what you think :) I will have another episode with the BOSS FIGHT :D uploaded very soon. I've been experimenting...