naruto shippuden

  1. AfrikanGoku


    This was by far the closest and most intense match I've recorded this year. I hope you guys enjoy it, I was very thrilled to put this together for you all! :D
  2. AfrikanGoku

    Clash Of The Beasts! The King Of The Sage Monkeys VS The Giant Spider!

    These are by far some of the most fun online matches I've had in Naruto Storm 4! Check out the monster smack-down I had using the 4-tailed monkey against the giant ninja spider. You don't see fights like this online in this game often lol.
  3. AfrikanGoku

    No One Can Stand Up To The Original Squad 7! [Naruto Storm 4]

    Anyone here watch the Naruto series from the very beginning? If so, check out this video here to see the squad that started it all with the manga and anime series. The memories will come flooding back to you, especially when you see this team's secret ultimate technique!