music for free

  1. Mitch Music

    Use Our Music in Your Vlogs for Free!

    Hey hey! We are 2 composers on a mission to share our music with the YouTube Creator Community! All our songs are FREE & Copyright/Royalty Free so there is no risk of getting copyright claims or copyright strikes from us. Just make sure to credit us if you use any of our songs. That's it...
  2. TheKays

    Request I need uplifting, positive inspirational music for an upcoming video!

    I am looking for uplifting, positive inspirational copyright free music to use. Does anyone know where I can find this without paying anything?
  3. F

    Request Looking for some good modern jazz music

    No need to make it custom, but some cool jazz music for the background on my videos would be awesome! If you have any you can recommend, I would be very appreciative. Maybe something like the Napstablook theme, or Syntact - Shallow. Thanks!
  4. JayManOurMusicBox

    What strategies for a free music channel? Not the norm here.

    I am a composer and my channel leads others to my site to download music I am offering YouTubers to use for free. (see my signature - Music for Creators). I am seeking a bit of unconventional advice. I am so new to YouTube it's unreal. Where have I been? Anyway I see my situation here as...