1. G

    Hi! I have been a creative YT user for almost 10 ys and now?

    Hello everybody, I am thankful this community exists. I'd like to help others though right now I need to help too! I have been a YT user for almost a decade and posted videos of songs (more covers than originals but getting there :). I am a singer and play the guitar. I write tons of songs and...
  2. iRob

    What Is Wrong With My Channel?

    Ok so I have been meaning to ask this question for a very long time but I guess I’m just to scared to know the answer I craated this channel back in 2013 and I have given up on it a couple times but I always find myself coming back to it. I noticed that recently I’ve been getting a lot of down...
  3. Amy Medek

    Where does a writer post to things on here?

    I write pretty decently, but am not quite up to par with everyone else. But I do have good ideas for some type of possible series or a movie. Not quite sure where to post about it, and didn't really see anything that screamed out: Writer Forum. I'm looking to collaborate and stuff, just don't...
  4. M

    Any advice to stay motivated?

    Hey everyone - I opened my channel about 2 months ago. The channel is a lot of work as I'm sure you all know. I enjoy writing the scripts, I love editing and planning, but I feel like I'm lacking confidence and when it comes to actually getting in front of the camera… well, I'm just not sure...
  5. terror569

    Losing Everything In Diablo 3! 60 Bounty Bags

  6. Tyhd

    Hot Topic ** YouTube reduces sub counts ** (all discussion goes here)

    So YouTube ****** up again they ruined everyone sub counts. I personally went from 177 subs to 166 in under 10 minutes. What qualifys as "inactive" to YouTube? My channel is only 5 months old how can anyone on there be "inactive" EDIT- Thread got merged I didn't put all those clickbait a**...