how to get subs

  1. RetroCrunch

    Hit 2000 Subscribers and some advice..

    Ive had my channel for just over a year now and if there is one thing i'd like to say to the up and coming creators with their 50, 100, 500 subscribers is this. Be patient and press on. I say this because when you first start out as a creator, it may take a month to hit 100 subs, or it may...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

  3. notjamie

    EXACTLY How to Build/Grow a Minecraft Channel

    Hey guys, I have a second channel called SlimeCraft101 that has about 600 subscribers and I am going to share with you guys how to grow it and what I did. Step 1. Find a server. Ideally, this server should have about 300-500 players on it regularly. It also helps if it's growing a lot. Also...
  4. W

    How did you get your first 100 subscribers?

    I am curious to know how everybody plans on or have got their first 100 subcribers. As a small channel, under 100 subs, I feel that it is hard to get that first 100 subs. This doesn't mean that I'm not willing to put in the hard work. I love doing youtube and I was just wanting some tips and...
  5. OzTalksHw

    The Power of Reddit (When Used Correctly)

    Aloha. I just want to give some very quick advice for growing YouTubers: use reddit (but use it correctly). My post for reference is /r/hardware/comments/3snu6n/rosewill_neutron_review_miniitx_case_for_3999/ I restarted Youtube and uploaded my first video two days ago. Yesterday, I posted it...