how to get 1 million views

  1. L

    I need Help?

    I have created my youtube channel but no views and subscribers coming on my videos? Anyone can tell me that what I have to do for more viewers and subscribers My channel is Newshive
  2. KerrysWorld

    Made a ‘how to get YouTube fame’ video.. before I’m famous

    So this is an unusual one. I haven’t reached YouTube ‘fame’ in the traditional sense. I don’t have millions of views. But I have pretty good watch time and the comments I’ve been getting have been piling in in the hundreds on every video I’ve made. So I wanted to share my tricks on how I’ve...
  3. Valerio Mangano

    SEO tips

    Hello everyone today I want to share my experience with tube buddy (free version) and SEO! To make sure that your video is seen around you need to first search for a title, seriously, before even writing the script search for the title, for a title that is at least 60 in the scoreboard for the...
  4. orben sceffers

    how to grow youtube views

    Hi guys any tips an ld advice to grow views and subscribers
  5. ApexTV

    How to Get 1 Million Views on a Single Video

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you how I managed to get over 1.5 million views on my most popular video. It isn't as hard as a lot of people assume it to be. Find a Trending Topic The first step is to make a video on a topic that is trending. Also, make sure that the trending topic...