hair and fashion

  1. Neve Sobti

    Hair Styler Review and Demo

  2. PelBeauty Channel

    Feedback in terms of filming/editing/lighting

    Hi everyone! I have a beauty channel where I share my make-up hacks and hair/facial care routine aka the usual girly stuff. There are a lot of channels which have the exact content as mine so it's kinda difficult to grow. I'm pretty new to all this editing and filming situation. I ask my...
  3. Isaina

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty collaboration

    Looking for someone to collaborate with on youtube, someone who either had a beauty or vlog channel. Someone who is into hair, skin and nails.[emoji16] Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  4. xingcat

    Mens Long Hair: 27 Months Update

    Just one of my regular check-ins. 27 months since my last haircut! (Also, about 2 days before my next haircut, which I'm very excited about.)
  5. T

    Extremely interesting situation I'm in - an offer to YouTube full time

    Hi everyone I want to seek advice from you, so I run a channel I've been YouTubing for under a year and have nearly 10k subs and by my 1 year anniversary I should have around about 15k. I don't want to say who I am, but I have a channel to do with grooming and hair. The other day I had an email...