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  1. ToxinStorm

    Other Do you like Anime and Manga? I have an idea that can get us to the next level on YT!

    Hello, to keep things short and straight to the point, I am looking for 3 individuals who are fans of anime and manga. I will be going into more detail once I choose you to be a part of the team. These 3 individuals will help me gather information from specific anime and manga and presenting me...
  2. Zacklovesbooks

    Gaming Wii u gaming group?

    I have a Wii u that I want to try gaming, I would like like if any one is interested email me at Skype, Zaquira Cartagena I am in the process of getting a game capture ,( so It would be a while before i actually start recording. Games i have: Minecraft, mariokart 8, assassin...
  3. Morpheus0316

    Gaming Blade and Soul Group

    Hey guys morpheus here been a minute but i'm back. I'm looking for people are enthusiastic, who also stream on a consistent not necessarily daily to do blade and soul with me. I'm looking for people who are just starting out. The only real requirements are that you have good internet connection...