god of war

  1. SheepDreams


    What do you think? :p
  2. Tayo

    How to stream 'God of War' from PS4 to PC?

    There are 2 ways I've tried streaming this game: 1) using PS4 share on my pc on one monitor, and having OBS and pop-out chat on the second monitor - I hated this b/c the PS4 share quality was terrible and my controller would disconnect frequently, making it difficult to properly play the game...
  3. MaxPowerG81

    God Of War Review | The PS4 Flawed Masterpiece?

    After finishing the story, heres my review of God Of War. Is it deserving of so much praise?
  4. WolfWraith

    A New & Reformed Kratos??? - God Of War 4 (2018)

    The new God Of War is here! But is it any different from the previous GoWs? An old & beloved franchise makes a very welcome comeback. Video here: