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    Gaming Minecon minecraft: what happened

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    Gaming This man built a DIAMOND FACTORY in Minecraft

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    Gaming Girl vs boy spawn golem in minecraft

  4. AfrikanGoku

    What Happens When You p**s Off This Squad

  5. AfrikanGoku

    Hilarious and Fun Online Player Matches Live! [Naruto Storm 4]

    This was my very first livestream I did for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I had a really great time playing against these guys and there were many funny conversations among the chat. Check out these intense matches and funny commentary here:
  6. AfrikanGoku

    How Many Fireballs Were Shot In This Fight?? [Naruto Storm 4 Online Ranked Battles]

    For those who watch this, I want you to count how many fireball jutsus were fired in the second match. The spam was unbelievable :furious:. Also check out the last match too. It was very close and the most intense.
  7. AfrikanGoku

    Kiba's Dog With the Surprise Attack @ 26:36! [Naruto Storm 4 Online Ranked Battles]

    This was the last fight of my most recent episode and it was also the most intense. Kiba's dog was giving me more of a problem than Kiba himself though, so what does that say about Kiba as a ninja??
  8. AfrikanGoku

    Most Fun Matches I've Had So Far [Naruto Storm 4]

    Had a great day recording matches for this latest episode in my Naruto Storm 4 series. Check it out here:
  9. AfrikanGoku

    I Made a Big Mistake at this Moment @16:07 [Naruto Storm 4]

    I haven't felt despair like this in a fighting game since Naruto Storm 2. Check out what happened @16:07. To make matters worse, my next match was with a Naruto rasengan-spamming troll. :furious: Video:
  10. AfrikanGoku

    I Caught This Dude Red-Handed Cheatin On Ninja Storm 4!

    So I'm enjoying myself on Naruto Storm 4, just having some good random online matches and then I come across this guy.... All I gotta say is that if you have to cheat in a Naruto Storm game where the only combo you need to know is circle circle circle (for PS4 users), then you have no business...
  11. AfrikanGoku

    Anyone Else Love the Good Ol' Jak and Daxter Series Like Me? Check this out!

    Hey everyone! Here's a recent video I uploaded to my channel regarding one of my favorite old PS2 games. Just like the Crash Bandicoot remastered trilogy, this game makes me feel very nostalgic and enjoy the feeling of reliving my childhood. Check this video out to see my reactions to playing...
  12. AfrikanGoku

    Can You Get Through This Whole Video Without Laughing?? [Crash Bandicoot Fails and Rage Moments]

    Just recently I started a new series for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. I am currently doing a full 100% playthrough of the first game in the trilogy right now and let me tell you it is NOT AN EASY TASK. The frustration when you're dedicating hours and hours to get through just one level...
  13. Heizenblog

    Here's to the first 1000 views

    Last night I hit my first 1000 views, its really exciting to see my channel grow, even if it is just small steps at this early stage, but I think my content is getting stronger, so hopefully the next 1000 come much quicker. Also at the time of writing this I'm only 12 subs away from my January...
  14. The Tech Nerd317

    video game series

    Do you guys think its good with every game I get and make videos on should I turn them into series or should I do how to play walkthroughs?