gaming funny moments

  1. AfrikanGoku

    I Bet 90% Of You Will Laugh While Watching This Lol

    So I played the popular rage-inducing game known as Super Meatboy for the first time and this is what happened...
  2. Marceive

    Infinite Warfare guys doesn't like my bombs :( (Funny moments)

    So, I made this video today, and apparently not too many people likes my bombs, I'm really sad about it, lol
  3. Eyezak

    DARN IT PHARAH - Overwatch Funny Moments #1

    My first Overwatch Funny moments, really worked hard on it. Enjoy!
  4. HeadbanginZombie

    Looking For A Video Review Of My Latest 'Funny Moments' Series!

    Hey There! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jack- 'AKA' HeadbanginZombie. I have a huge passion for YouTube, but i'm in much need of some channel feedback, I haven't been on YouTube long enough to really get some constructive criticism or help yet, and as we all know, YouTube is a huge place...
  5. Frankie95

    Gaming GTA GAMING GROUP (females only)(PS4)

    I'm already in a group and we play and record GTA, and BO3 every week and we're looking to have a mixed group as it doesn't seem like it has been done before on youtube. I haven't posted any GTA videos but I have posted a couple of real life videos.
  6. Frankie95


    wassup? I am looking to start a gaming group on youtube kind of like The Sidemen. I would like us to play GTA5 on PS4 mainly but also mix it up with different games. 17+ lads and ladies. Obviously I would like for whoever is interested to be open minded and not to be taken seriously as I am...
  7. InTheJungle

    Hit 100 Subscribers yesterday!

    Hi guys! this will be my first post on this site. :) The title pretty much says it all, I hit 100 subscribers yesterday, currently on 107 :D This means so much to me, I recently lost my job and I've been feeling down about it, when I was 15 my father passed away, I started dropping out of...