gaming channel review

  1. Paranoia_Origins

    Overall Feedback and Review On My YT Channel & Videos

    Im not asking for much. I am just trying to figure out why I am struggling to get my videos placed in front of people. If someone could help me and give me tips on what I could be doing wrong. I am not sure if it is my channel art, my thumbnails, my video names, or what it is. I feel like I am...
  2. Manarkey

    Manarkey - Gaming Channel Feedback!

    Hello there everybody! Some of you may have seen my Introduction thread, but on this thread, I'm asking solely for some feedback on my channel. It can be on my graphics or on the content. If you can view my channel and tell me what you think or give me some advice on how to get to 100...
  3. KantoGaming

    Looking for some honest feedback

    I have just made a comeback to my channel after taking a few months off, and I'm looking for some honest channel feedback! I want to improve my channel and make some awesome friends. :smug:
  4. wasteoftimegames

    These girls were wild ;) ...or not? 50/50 take your chance

    okay, i finally was able to push through all that noise on this forum and got some attention. haha im sorry please dont hate me for this.. i was wondering if you can give me some feedback on my gaming channel..... i basically suck at every game but eh i honestly need feed back.... maybe my...
  5. BlockHeadGaming

    Started A Gaming Channel. Need Some Advice

    Hi all, So my friend and I started a gaming channel and things have been going well it terms of recording and editing content. We got the equipment, started making videos and now are posting them online on our channel. We're looking for some feedback and I'm wondering if any one can check out...
  6. Flophead

    Need Advice for My Gaming Channel

    Hey guys I would appreciate it if you would check out my channel Flophead Gaming and provide any advice you have for me! I have a gaming channel based mostly on Clash Royale, while occasionally branching out to new/popular games. My channel has kind of plateaued over the past few weeks, and I...
  7. Wind Bro

    Hey everyone I would a little bit of constructive criticism

    Thanks for reading , if you please could spare a moment to check my channel out , and tell me what and where and how I should improve my overall content I would really appreciate that. Nevertheless have a great day ; )
  8. E

    GUYS! Hello! Feedback ples!

    Hello everyone My name is errorturtle I'm here to ask for some feedback and advice on my new channel! I work hard and do the best i can on the videos but i know they're not close to being "good" yet. I would love to hear what you guys have to say so i can review and see how i can improve...
  9. datcoopguy

    (Feedback) Watch my Gaming videos and get an imaginary cookie

    Hold out your hand, good. Now imagine you have the best cookie in the whole goddam world in it like its gooey amazing, BUT dont eat it yet you got a job to do and you can eat the cookie if you do it right. You see I got a gaming channel I am working on and I need YOU and your feedback for help...
  10. MZ-101

    Unable to know why I'm not growing? (Give me your honest/brutal review)

    I'm Absolutely confused! I'm not really sure as to why my channel is not doing any good. I had one great advice that my videos are quite long but, other than that everyone keeps telling me that "My videos are great!", "Editing is solid!", "Quality video...!" which at first was very flattering...
  11. AJ Jones

    Feedback on gaming channel?

    Hello everyone! My name is AJ, and my channel name is Jonesie... I just uploaded my first video today, and would love some feedback on the video and the channel all together (ie logo and such). Tell me what you like and don't like. -Jonesie
  12. ParanoiaOrigins

    Other PS4 Gaming Collaberations Wanted

    About my YouTube Channel My niche - I make gaming videos with my ps4 since i dont have a proper gaming desktop to so. The kind of videos i want to make when i'm collaboration is video games - I would like to make a lot of gaming videos as part of the collaboration and a lot more as we grow...
  13. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming New Channel | I'm looking for people to Collab Video Games Together | 100 Subs or More Please

    Hey Everyone of YTtalk! I am a 27 y/o digital graphic artist and youtuber and I and i want to start gaming collaboration project on YouTube. I've look over, researched and have seen a increase of YouTube channels that make top 10, .. video's and get a rather insane amounts of views. I still...
  14. Norm

    Review my channel?

    Hi guys i have started a new channel, where i tell stories, rant and yeah other stuff. It would mean alot if you guys could give me some advice :D
  15. DivideAndConquer

    Can you give me some feedback on my channel?

    Hey my name is Trevor and i have a YouTube channel called Divide And Conquer. its a gaming channel that is about building a community for the grater good and helping others. in the future we plan on doing tons of charity live streams, giveaways and a bunch of other stuff. the thing is lately my...
  16. BIGtheRED

    A channel review, for a channel review! =)

    AHAA!! The tables have turned, my friends!! What will become of THIS adventure? In all seriousness, I am part of a five-person gaming channel (Confidence Crew). We all know each other, and we all mainly do gameplay footage (funny moments, reactions, ; some are group videos, some are...
  17. Aegislasher

    My Pokemon Journey w/KingGouda

    Besides a plain old let's play I thought I would do something different.
  18. C


    Hey Everyone, It is me DatCustomName and I just want to announce that I have reached 1k subs on my channel! - Custom
  19. skepticalvoid

    Why am i not growing?

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a good mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  20. NobleWolf


    I would like a review of my channel really. Be has mean as possible. Just tell me how much you hate my channel and how it fills you with hate, Gooooood, use your aggressive feeling! Let the Hate flow through you! Honestly I just do what I do on my channel for fun and giggles. My audio could...
  21. LucasJacob23

    Gaming Commentating Channel (Review Needed)

    Hi guys! I am LucasJacob23, and I would like my channel reviewed. Please review my latest videos because people have suggested I should stop commentating on my gaming videos. They also say my videos are too long, even though they are, on average, about ten minutes long. I appreciate all...