gameplay commentary

  1. WarriorDan

    Prototype 2 But I'm Busy Wrecking Chaos [let's play]

  2. Justine

    I HIGHly recommend this Witcher 3 video

    Get it? Because I'm high in this video? Yeah, puns aren't my thing. Anyways, I finally got some motivation to edit and upload my 420 subscriber special, and if you're looking for something with little to no consistency, features two chicks under the influence while playing The Witcher 3, and has...
  3. MrYorkiesWorld

    Call Of Duty WWII | Pointe Du Hoc | Team Deathmatch 39-10 | Getting The Hang Of It!

    Hi Guys, So I’m finally getting used to the whole multiplayer thing! Still… as I try with all my might to make use of my poor shooting skills, let’s see how I do on the Pointe Du Hoc map against some pretty skilled bots!
  4. Pierre Maynard

    If you love Life is Strange, you will love this!

    So i just recently started uploading videos, of me playing the new Prequel, to the award winning Game which is Life is Strange! :D New one came out, which is a Prequel called Before the Storm. I love it it's different than the original but it's still so good! :D I would really appreciate it...
  5. AMX Gaming

    Hilarious Fails And Running From Creeps | Little Nightmares #8

    Hello and welcome to Little Nightmares #8 in this gameplay we see hilarious fails, AMX tries his best to get around one section but fails so much and is so funny to see how it goes down, once we pass that section is off to the races, we are chased by creeps that want to eat poor Josie. Immerse...
  6. W

    1st gaming commentary. Yay! What do you think?

    First good commentary I've don on my channel. What do you think about it? I'd like some advice if I need to change or improve. Thanks.
  7. xomegaxz

    Do people still enjoy non-commentary gameplays?

    The title says it all, I want to upload some gameplay videos but the problem is I can't do commentaries. English is not my first language so i dont want to sound awkward speaking in it. So, do people still enjoy non-commentary gameplays?
  8. MajesticBox

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - Assault and Support Class, Commentary

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - Assault and Support Class, Commentary Hope you enjoy the gameplay
  9. DisStalker

    Clustertruck #4 - Winter,Lasers,Medieval

    I'm getting better, Yay! I hope you Enjoy:D
  10. DisStalker

    Clustertruck #3 | I Quit

    I get stuck on another level... Yeah! Enjoy:D
  11. Justine

    What's Going on!? | Outlast 2 Demo

    So I finally did a face cam video and my god, my face is either super serious or spastic and weird..nice. BUT YEAH WE'RE PLAYIN SOME OUTLAST 2; LETS GO! As always, thank you so much for watching, and if you have any feedback you should totally let me know! Have a nice day guys!
  12. PunchbowlGaming

    Been out the Game recently but back on the YouTube Grind

    Hey all, I haven't been active for a while as I moved out of University and back home following graduation but now I am back on the YouTube grind. Unfortunately the internet here is too slow for streaming but I am uploading content to my YouTube channel. I currently have a Prison Architect and...
  13. The Cold Abyss

    THE GREATEST NINJA EVER!? (My First Commentary Video!!) NUNS4 Gameplay!!

    So after getting 100 subs :bounce:, I have been very busy with school, footage, just life in general, and the rest is in the video if you're interested. :banghead: :help: But I have managed to crank this video out! :bounce: This is my first commentary video with/on some gameplay of Naruto...
  14. Altairsfriend

    THERE's A HOLE THERE! -Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

    Here is the latest video in our series on Dark Souls 3, I think it is the best so far! Thanks for the view!
  15. Aaron Ceballos

    GAME BREAKING GLITCH // Wind Waker (Chaos Edition)

    Finally had to cheat in this game