funny fails

  1. The Insane Reaver

    Hilarious FortNite Fails with Reaver and BlackLightning!!

    What happens when you are being ridiculous Goof Balls? This happens, and I hope you all enjoy this video because it probably won't be the last one! Close your eyes and just listen at the part where BlackLightning starts to lag, PRICELESS!! Keep it CRAZY guys!!
  2. Micki BPO

    Gaming Looking for youtubers for steam ftp games group

    I want to create a group of youtubers that play games such as,,, brawlhalla, etc. I also have games such as duck game, terraria, and a non steam game called Super fighter deluxe. Anyone can be part of a group and the limit of people who can be in the group is only as...
  3. B

    Comedic gaming! Gaming intended to make you laugh!

    Hey guys, so I play prop hunt with a friend of mine and we play for comedic purposes. We often don't completely follow the 'Prop Hunt Rules' and we play the game a little bit differently. I put a lot of time and effort into editing the videos and the end result is a pure production of funniness...
  4. B

    Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments

    Hey guys, Check out my new prop hunt video. I've posted a lot more of these on my channel. I put a lot of effort into editing it and its really funny.