freedom chronicles

  1. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfensteins 2 Freedom Chronicles Episode 1 Gunslinger Joe Volume 3

    Last part of Wolfensteins 2 Episode 1 DLC. Overall it was a nice experience, good flow and gunplay. If only the base game was like this instead of a glorified cinematic movie.
  2. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfenstein 2 Freedom Chronicles Episode 1 Gunslinger Joe Volume 1

    So I was wrong, i’ve finished for the second time Episode 1 of Wolfenstein’s 2 dlc and it’s actually decent. The level design, although still linear, is good, you instinctively know where to go without running up and down and some stupid staircase until you see that one spot you were supposed to...
  3. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfenstein the New Colossus Freedom Chronicles Episode 0

    Wolfenstein the New Colossus was one of the biggest disappointment of 2017. Here’s hoping that at least the dlc will be decent but that’s wishful thinking. Actually goanna do poll to see how many of you actually found the game good.