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  1. Jenni Nexus

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone into fashion / haul videos ?

    As a smaller channel I'm always looking for good opportunities for brand collabs.. I was excited to get a few swimsuits from one company, for making this review. Do you think it was a good trade off ? :-)
  2. Tiwalayo

    Vlog Looking to Collaborate and Make Friends!

    Hello, I'm Teewa and I would LOVE to collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and lifestyle I currently live in Germany and would like to collaborate with someone from the UK/France and of course Germany (within EUROPE) I hope this thread brings like minded people...
  3. Jenni Nexus

    Beauty/Makeup T-Shirt Cutting + DIY fashion

    :dance: Hi friends. Love this site & popping in to check out what’s going on in YTtalk forums. Thought I’d share my DIY / fashion / t-shirt cutting channel in case anyone is interested. Even though my most popular video on my main channel is a shirt cutting vid, and that was my inspiration...
  4. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul

  5. lifestylencurls

    Fashion Nova / Boohoo Mini clothing haul

    Fashion Haul Like. comment. subscribe!
  6. lifestylencurls

    Outfit of The Day 2017 | LifeStyleNcurls

    1.Levi's - Black 2.V-neck Bodysuit - small 3. Forever21 booties
  7. Iza Elle

    Meet Up/Gathering [closed] England Meet up ?

    Hello guys ! I'm Iza and I'm from Ipswich, Suffolk ! Is there any Youtubers from England? It would be so awesome to meet people with similar interests and just share ideas and do collabs! Also we can go to Summer in The City and Comic Con! Can't wait to hear from you ! Xx also share your...
  8. MorganKelley

    Beauty/Makeup Long distance Beauty/Fashion Collab -

    Looking for a long distance beauty/fashion collab partner. I live in Texas so If you live in a close enough area I wouldn't mind doing one in person either. I'm overall looking for new friends on youtube and to expand my channel and help yours in the process as well. Hit me up on social...
  9. GeniePurple

    Autumn Warm Beauty Look (I think so)

    Hey dudes, Check out my new video out - Me showcasing my Autumn look.. well Genie Style.. not a beauty Guru... Hints of Comedy as well :) It was suppose to be uploaded yesterday but i was ill, so i hope you enjoy it.. and Check every Saturday for new videos :)