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  1. ShawnMcCallum

    DJI Drone Reel | 5 Years In The Making | 4K

  2. ShawnMcCallum

    10 Years ago I would never have thought it was possible to make a short film like this!

    Film Synopsis: One year after his wife went missing, a fisherman returns to the lake she was last seen. After finding a mysterious object the fisherman is led onto the lake in an attempt to find his love... Any Feedback, thoughts, or critiques would be most welcome! Thanks for watching!
  3. ShawnMcCallum

    8 Drone Hacks to Fly Like a PRO

    In this video I share 8 simple ways to take your drone flying to the next level. Learn to create FPV style shots, cinematic pans, and more with these quick tips and tricks.
  4. Noidz

    Dji Mavic Air or Dji Mavic Pro (Which one will you get?)

    Personally I have the Mavic Pro and while the bitrate is 60 compare to the mavic air bitrate 100, I'll still stick with the pro. The portability on both drones is about the same but justing having the .4 aperture advantage helps with the overall color processing for me. Thoughts anyone?