cherry tung

  1. Cherry Tung

    400K total video views and 2.5k Subbies

    After 4 years of YouTube, switching from beauty and makeup to luxury fashion, I'm at 400K total video views and 2.5k subbies. I've also decided to upload more frequently than ever, around once a day, every single day. My previous upload schedule was 3 times a week. Let's see what that will do to...
  2. Cherry Tung

    Suggestions on my Channel? Rebranding | Reuploading | Cherry is back

    Recently started uploading again after a long break of several months. Sometimes life punches you in the face and you just gotta get back up. Anyway, I decided to watch one of my collab videos from almost a year ago, and I realized that the other YouTube in the collab video stopped uploading...
  3. Cherry Tung

    Meet Up/Gathering Los Angeles YouTubers?

    Before I started YouTube, LA seemed like the home of all YouTubers. I would like to meet up with some YouTubers in real life and perhaps work on a video or two together. I live near LA Live and that seems like a pretty cool place to meet up and film. I personally make beauty, makeup and fashion...
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