1. P

    Looking for someone in the beauty niche to collab with

    Hi there every so I am in the beauty niche and I am looking for someone to collaborate with who wants to do a more darker makeup style or gorey prosthetic makeup look please comment down below if interested ? Or email me at
  2. M

    Short Film Short film, United States ( Florida ) help needed...

    Alright, seen lots of post with hesitation and wasted words. Long story short, needing help for a horror short film unlike others. The story itself is still in a draft version, but has some screenplay and a script worked out. The thing with me personally is, Once I start something... I am...
  3. Viral John

    Gore Videos/+18 Graphic Content On Youtube

    I have been using you tube for many years as viewer perceptive and came across many, many videos of real violence and gore e.g killing, shooting and beheading... made from either cell phone or Handy camera and I mean REAL killing of people. All those on you tube and still there. These videos are...
  4. DOFL02 Productions

    NERF-Hostage Film Series

    A film series based on a world of NERF Guns that kills with some darker story. Set in Singapore & Hong Kong (3rd film)
  5. itsnicksnider

    Halloween is over, but.....

  6. iButtonsi

    Hotline Miami 2 - 1980's Retro.

    Hi Guys! I am Buttons. Today we're playing HOTLINE MIAMI 2 a top-down pixel graphic shooter! Let's Make some spaghetti, and then Let's Play! ++ Road to 100 Subscribers ++ I really need to shave, help me Oprah!