18 year old

  1. R

    Gaming [13:00-17:00 EST] Looking for someone to collaborate - 18+

    Hello, I'm 18 years old and I do speak German and English. I have been on YouTube as a creator for several years now and gathered some experience doing so. As I'm working as a programmer I have been mostly doing Tutorials and videos of self-created games. I own a very good microphone and a...
  2. ICEMonk71

    Gaming Looking for mature people to collab with and maybe become good friends

    Hello there I am Jack, or on the interwebs known as Zatrael (was formerly ICEMonk) I am wondering if anyone wants to collab with me? It doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl, as long as you're happy having fun, and like to game with others :) and it doesn't matter if you make videos or...
  3. Lewis Knight

    QnA and showing my YouTuber crush? :)

    Hey, Long story short, I'm bad at advertising myself and my videos but here's me trying :P I love making videos so much, i (try to) upload every sunday :D