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YouTube's blog post about removing harmful content


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Sep 5, 2013
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YouTube has launched a four-part series outlining its plan of attack against harmful content based on "The 4 R's":
Remove it
Raise authoritative voices
Reward trusted creators
Reduce the spread of content that brushes up against policy lines.

Today's blog post concentrates on part 1 - "Remove harmful content".

YouTube says it has redoubled efforts in recent years. In terms of developing new policies around removal, YouTube says that many updates in this area “are actually clarifications to our existing guidelines” — such as rules about dangerous challenges. In terms of totally new policies, YouTube says they can take several months to develop, during which time the company consults with experts and creators while considering regional differences — such as its new policy on hate speech.

They also post some stats about amount of content they have removed:

It's an interesting post. I recommend you read it. :) -

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