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YouTube Video ideas for everybody

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by HisNHerLP, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. HisNHerLP
    I've Got It
    Though I would post this here as I have no Idea where else to put it.

    I notice alot people asking for Ideas on Videos to make and such, so I though why no make a place for everyone to post Ideas for everyone, and maybe even find someone to record with in the process?

    I posted this on another forum and everyone overlooked it as it seems all they care about is there own stuff and thats it!

    I know there are a few diffrenet types of channels here so I will try and reach you all, but please feel free to add and hopefully help this grow, as I think it could help spark a good idea with people.

    Few Ideas I have off the top of my head;


    WWE 2K15 - MyCareer Mode -
    - Rather than posting full matches and everything else in between, edit it like it was a WWE Produced DVD of your Career, So highlights, Key Wins, Key / Best matches and Feuds, may make the video easier to watch, alot of dead videow ill be cut out, and could make for a interesting series that you can carry over into other sports games (FIFA Career where you only play as one player ETC)

    MineCraft - Pixelmon -
    - Now, I have never played Minecraft on the PC, only PS3 / 4 and Vita, so no idea how easy this would be, or if you would need loads of people to do it, but I have noticed PixelMon, and it looks fun, would be good if a Group of YouTubers Play Pixelmon, and edit it like it was theTV Show, complete with Mini Story, Humor, acted out Scenes and such like that, could be great I think if done right.

    GTA V -
    - Now I Know this is done alot, But Film Scenes in GTA V, I have seen it before, and it looks great, there are plenty of films that could be done.

    Another for GTA, Bowling -
    - Everyone remembers how great GTA IV Was, always going Bowling, or getting a phone call for it.... well, a Group of People stand on the run way, and a Plane / Helicopter or someone that has just jumped out of one acts as the bowling ball, and see how many people he can knock down by crashing into them


    Picture a day for a year -

    This could be a good video for a 1st of Jan seeing in the new year, all it requires is you take a picture of yourself everyday for a year, either in the same pose, or different poses, different backgrounds and such, the video could be a quick minute or so, Or you can drag it out longer and record a nice voice over on it, talking about your year, how it went, the good, the bad.... goals for next year ETC.

    Week in Review -

    Everyone has a phone, so record little moments of your week, put them together, and voice over it, or however you want to do it, and just talk about your week, the good and the bad, work, life, whatever, a nice video to upload for a Sunday, and the best thing is, after the year is up, reuse the footage and do a Year in review, takes little to no effort, and can be used as a visual diary if anything, and takes hardly any setting up to do, and wont seem as time consuming as your other videos (Set up time ETC)

    So far I have put up two different channel types, I will add more, and I hope this helps people, and people help each other with ideas, I'm sure between everyone here, some great ideas are to be had, and maybe even a few collabs and such

    Im sure you people have more ideas, its good to share, I plan on doing a few of the above, but the more people that do it the better, more ideas, and more so, get this place feeling like a Community
  2. JackFredericks
    Well-Known Member
    I like this thread! Even the little you have posted now has inspired me :D Great work mate!
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  3. ellelletalk
    Super Poster
    I actually recently started a project called diffcollab which I refer to as a "collective collaboration" project.

    -The diffcollab channel posts prompt videos to inspire people to post videos on their own channel.
    -Then people can choose to film/edit/upload on their own channel, using the word "diffcollab" in the title of the video so it becomes searchable
    -The video is shared in the comments of the prompt video on the diffcollab channel so that people can find it

    Thus far, the prompt videos are only my ideas because the project is pretty small, but eventually, if the project picks up, they'll be submitted by people from all over the world.

    To share some of the ideas:

    So far I've only posted two prompts:
    -Would you want YouTube to be your job?
    -If you could buy a life skill (like drawing, or running fast) what would you buy?

    Future ideas that have been floating around my head:
    -[blank] is what I do best
    -Toilet paper fashion show challenge

  4. Squeal Cat
    I Love YTtalk
    I have the Friday Fanday:

    One day of the week I create a video the fans requests. I randomly pick one of the requests and make a vid of it on Friday. The fans can request on the comments, or on Facebook. Giving some activity/movement/engagement around/on your channel. It's applicable for music channels, but also treating topics on vlogs, and so on. 3 benefits I can think of are: more engagement, higher rankings and higer sub rate.

    They can view the requests on a online excel sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ONZNnCV162Qry8i-cnSY4M_NdD3uSLryhDmM1hscrCg/

    EDIT: 4th benefit: You don't have to think of what to do next when out of idea's ;)
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  5. Kath
    True Wub :wub:
    Moved this to the Script, Script Writing, Video Ideas and Planning section for you :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 29, 2015, Original Post Date: Mar 29, 2015 ---
    Also, I've stickied this thread.
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  6. thumbhais
    Loving YTtalk
    Great ideas for those who may be stuck on what to do!
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  7. Palidor
    The Palidor Project
    This is actually a really smart idea
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  8. ellelletalk
    Super Poster
    Why thank you, friendly internet stranger.
  9. Mishamy
    YTtalk Mad
    Those are actually great ideas! Right now I´m just starting so I think I won´t need them , but it´s good to know there are people out there willing to help ^^
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  10. Ruth Taylor
    Well-Known Member
    I really love this idea and i hope to join in !
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