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Short Film Youtube Team Wanted!


Feb 21, 2015
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Hi guys, So i'm looking for a few people to make some short action/comedy films with. I'm going to make a discord where everyone can post their Ideas for collabs in once I get enough people.
As for me I currently have around 1.7K subs and mostly have gaming videos or skits. However, I'm looking to vary my content a bit more. I'm interested in making funny short films, documentaries, exploring videos and whatever else comes to mind.
Btw, these can be online collabs or real life if you are in the UK.
I don't mind how many subs you guys have as long as you are willing to stay on the grind and make some cool videos. Let me know if you're interested and I'll see if we can work something out :)

My only requirement is that you are over 18.
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