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Youtube punishment for coming back?


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Mar 14, 2019
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Hi everyone, I'm glad I finally found this community, seems to be a great place.

I started my channel back in 2011 uploading tutorials about game development but I didn't really thought much about youtube, I used it mostly as a video upload service, back in the day I got a decent boost for being one of the first on the topic (I think), but I left it very soon after starting because of life reasons... I wanted to go back now and mix my content with not only tutorials but talks and other types of videos all related to game development,

Thing is, that since I left for so many years most of my subscribers are not interested in watching my content (understandable, who knows what they are they doing nowadays) and taking a look at my analytics I know that my content is not being recommended at all, all the views that I got are from people looking for my name or an specific thing I taught back in the day. And all my new subscribers arrive from my old content.

My new videos are received well enough (considering the small views I get anyways), so I don't think it's because the content itself.

So the thing is, I always hear from youtubers about not being able to take a break because the algorithm will punish them, and I'm seeing smaller channels with similar content getting way more views than mine, so I don't know if I'm just paranoid and maybe I'm just bad at youtube, or it's there something else.

So my question is:

considering that I'm changing the focus of my channel, should I push on with few views until youtube notices me again?
should I try with a new one (I will not loose that many views, and it will make sure that my new subs are for my new content)?
should I just git good?
something else?

Anyone out there with similar experiences?

thanks a lot :)


I Love YTtalk
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Mar 13, 2015
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I've moved this to the strategy discussion forum. :)