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Gaming (Xbox & PC) Looking for YouTube friends

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by HESTIHEFFER, Sep 13, 2018.

    Well-Known Member
    Hi, my name's Hest YT. Better known as Hest. (Heh-cyst) is how you pronounce it because people have said Heist before. You say it like "best". But anyways thats besides the point.

    So my friend and I have been trying to meet some new people around the same level as us on the platform. YouTube and Twitch. Streamers and Uploaders. There are some good people and fun people that we'd love to meet. Obviously we want to establish a friendship with many people. We have even more friends that are anxious to meet new people. Were not a professional gaming group or have a name were just some friends that like to play together on and off the vids. So if this interests you and your down to meet some cool a** guys (yes we cuss lmao) at the end of the day heres the got to knows:

    We are open for a large scale of people and subs doesn't matter that much, but we would like people in between somewhere of 200 to around 800.

    Age also doesn't matter. The youngest dude in our group is 13 and the oldest is 21. Were all mature (enough lol) so it's okay to hang if your older. Im 14 personally. Anyone around 12 and 25 is welcome.

    We play i would say about 90% on xbox, i play on PC and xbox sometimes so if you have one of those your good.

    Decent mic and equipment obviously. You don't need to have a million dollar setup just something that sounds nice ya know?

    We make mostly funny moments, on games such as Rainbow Six Seige, GTA 5, Fortnite, and we're open for more.

    Also, please know about what your doing. (have the right equipment and such). We can help. But we dont wanna teach you how to YouTube. But we can help you with smaller things. Don't wanna be harsh but that's all.

    And last, a good, funny personality. But don't change for us. Anyone is welcome. You can open up around us and we'll accept you, and well have a lot of laughs together. So now to get in contact. I'll link my twitter, and my discord.

    Twitter: @HESTIHEFFER_YT
    Discord: Hest_YT#3529
  2. H2O ToonLink
    Well-Known Member
    I’m in I play Xbox H2O ToonLink and that also my YouTube I have 100+ subs but I really don’t care about that I’m here for fun

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