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Would love some feedback! Gameplay + commentary + reactions - brand new old channel :)


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Jul 10, 2019
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Hey everyone so I've brought my ancient YouTube channel back from the abyss and I've started uploading some FF7 gameplay commentary videos to it.

I hope it will be alright that I've left a couple of really old videos on it that I just couldn't bring myself to delete.

What I'm specifically looking for feedback on is:

- Length - My Part 1 video is about 50 minutes including a few minutes of introduction. My Part 2 video I have cut down to 15 minutes as my friends tell me it's less intimidating to watch.
- Reading dialogue - if you watch both videos, in the first one I was mostly just reacting to dialogue and speaking around it. In the second video I read the majority of the dialogue text aloud. My friend said they didn't like it as much :( because it was better just having the reactions.

I would really appreciate some additional opinions so I can get a better sense of direction for my next videos! I have 4 more ready to upload but want to make sure I am doing the right thing first.

Thanks :)